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Theology and the Church

Theology and the Church

Sacred Theology has a relationship with the magisterium of the Church and with the whole community of Christians. It functions primarily as a mediator in some way between the faith of the Church and its magisterium. and with appreciating those insights, expressions, those questions and tendencies which the Holy Spirit promotes among the people of God. By appropriate scientific methods, theology ought to examine this faith as it is practised and formulated, so that it may conform to the work of God and the doctrinal traditions handed on faithfully by the Church in order to propose solutions to those questions which arise from its encounter with daily life, with history and with humanity’s striving after truth. In this way theology will assist the magisterium always to enlighten and guide the Church – a magisterium which is never above the word of God but its servant.

Paul VI, Address to an International Conference on the Theology of Vatican II,1 October 1966; AAS, 58 (1966) 892